ISO/TS 29001:2010 - Oil And Gas Management System

Quality assurances are the skeleton to every industry today. Companies and various other organizations are inclined to achieve the ISO certifications which represent the management system standards. The aim of implementing the standards is to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the company operations. The standards are developed by ISO and the certification is provided by numerous external bodies. ISO standards are proven and demonstrated worldwide.Oil And Gas Management System

ISO 29001 certification in particular defines the Quality Management System that is being implemented for industries that are in the business of design, development, production, installation and service of petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas products. This ISO certification is specific to the Oil and Gas Management System.

Many of you may what wonder – what is Oil and Gas Management System certification and what are the objectives. The major objective of these ISO 29001 standards is the supply chain of Oil and Gas industry. These standards are based on ISO 9001 QMS standards with more requirements added specific to the Oil and Gas industry. ISO 9001:2008 standards highlight the requirements of an organization for an effective Quality Management System. There are many must haves to the Oil and Gas Management System, the requirements of the OGMS are listed below:

  • The need to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products that meet the statutory/regulatory and customer requirements. (This will be achieved with the ISO 29001 Certification)
  • Through effective application of the QMS, aim to enhance customer satisfaction. This should also include a number of processes for continual improvement of the system and a strong assurance to meet the customer and applicable statutory/regulatory requirements

- ISO 29001 (in addition to above ISO 9001 requirements)

  • To emphasize on prevention of defects and reduction in waste/variation from the service providers


These requirements of an Oil and Gas Management System are very clear and auditable to meet global standards. They are consistent across all regions and guarantee assurance in the quality of goods and services provided by various service providers. This is of high priority when the services/goods provided have a major setback which results in immense losses for companies and industries involved.

These standards are developed for all the organizations which fall under the Oil and gas industry supply chain. The ISO 29001 standards certification is a clear route to standardization, in turn, improvement within the sector. At UKB, we provide such certifications to ensure the demands of quality are met with it.

The benefits of Oil and Gas Management System certification are quite vast. The standards under ISO 29001 certification are very specific to the Oil and Gas sector. Apart from standardization, the certification will help all the organization under the sector in numerous ways. Some of the major benefits are as listed below:

  • To gather more licenses to increase the number of contracts and prospects to trade
  • To impress the stakeholders by showcasing your commitment to industry best practices
  • To effectively manage operations which improve the quality of the output and reduce wastes
  • To manage risks and efficiently improve performance
  • To focus on continuous improvement by increased communication and frequent assessments