UKB Standards Diving Academy

Welcome to the UKB Diving Standards Academy

An intensive world class commercial diver training program that will unlock your exciting new commercial diver career. The “UKBDA” has a global reputation for delivering high quality HSE-compliant commercial diver training and our internationally recognised certification creates world wide employment opportunities in a potentially lucrative new sub-sea career full of challenge, interest and excitement.

Why Us?

We are one of the most modern diver training schools in the world with a unique link to the diving industry through our UKB accredited Indian Company, one of the India’s largest Standards Certification Company. This vital interface with the commercial diving world allows our delegates to experience an unrivaled industry relevant training program that teaches essential skills in a real world environment.

Industry Ready

Our customised subsea skills packages continue to set the benchmark for commercial diver training. The UKBDA is one of the best developer for HSE commercial diver training to introduce the following advanced skills courses; Our objective is to ensure that every graduate from this academy is a skilled, motivated and highly employable asset for the diving industry.