Organic farming: how to get certification

Thinking about going organic? 

UKB Certification is the UK’s leading organic certification body – certifying over 70% of the growing organic market, covering everything from organic food & drink, to textiles and organic health and beauty products. We are responsible for certifying over 3,500 farms and organic businesses all over the world.

Organic standards

Any product sold as ‘organic’ in the EU has to comply with a set of standards. Products certified to these standards can use the UKB Certification organic symbol (only if certified to UKB organic standards) on their packaging – an assurance to customers that what they’re buying is genuine and fully traceable back to the farm.

Who is organic certification for?

Whether you run a farm or a cafe, sell beauty brands or produce baby food, certifying your business is the best way to prove it’s operating to the highest standards of sustainability and integrity. We certify organic food and farming, textiles, and health and beauty products, and work with a huge range of businesses including butchers, bakers, box schemes, wholesalers, retailers and brands, ingredient suppliers, catering suppliers and manufacturers.

What do organic standards cover?

Organic standards look at all aspects of organic food manufacturing and production, storage and sales. They consider everything from packaging to animal welfare and wildlife conservation, and ban unnecessary and harmful food additives in organic processed foods.

The EU organic regulations (EC 834/2007 and EC 889/2008) aim to provide consumers with authentic organic food that respects natural life systems.  These regulations are principle based and designed to prohibit and or place very strict limits on the use of pesticides, fertilisers, livestock veterinary treatments, food additives and other processing aids, in order to create  healthy nourishing food.

The organic market in the Worldis growing from strength to strength, achieving nearly 5% growth in a market that is banging on the door of 2 billion pounds in value. If you are a farmer, grower, processor or trader and are interested in going organic or switching certification bodies, get in touch!

Our staff are experts in supporting businesses navigating the requirements of organic certification and can support you with developing your business. From finding ingredients to markets for your fantastic products, we are here to help and would love to hear from you.

What’s involved?

If you want the products you make, store or sell to be labeled organic, you must hold a legal certificate of registration for that product from an organic certifier. You’ll need to submit recipes and labels for us to check and approve. When you become certified, our experts will inspect your farm, factory or business to make sure you comply with the standards. We inspect each of our licensed farms and businesses annually.

What next? How to get certified

You’ve decided that getting certified is a good move for your business. The next steps are applying for the scheme that is right for you. 

Pre-application support

We offer complimentary pre-application support to all our customers to answer any questions you may have when thinking about going organic. If you’d like to discuss your application, or just find out a little bit more about our certification process, please complete our contact form